For the worldwide fashion-, sports-, textile- & lifestyle industry

Greenway Logistics supports fashion-, sports-, textile- and lifestyle companies all over the world in the field of logistics with the aim of saving costs, innovating and making the global fashion, sports & lifestyle industry more sustainable when it comes to CO₂ emissions of logistics.

As preferred partner of the International Apparel Federation (IAF), the world’s largest federation for apparel manufacturers, brands and their industry associations, Greenway Logistics offers logistics solutions to industry associations in fashion, sports, textile and lifestyle industries. By cooperating with more than 15 industry organizations worldwide, Greenway Logistics is able to realize benefits of scale.

Greenway Logistics stands for cost savings, sustainability, innovation and industry cooperation.

Our Achievements

15 Industry associations

450 Brands (happy customers)

8 Countries

17 Partners

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CO₂ Improve program

In the field of logistics, Greenway Logistics has developed a concept together with the IAF: CO₂ improve. The ultimate goal is to improve the global fashion, sports and lifestyle industry when it comes to CO₂ emissions through logistics. CO₂ Improve helps companies to gain insight into their CO₂ footprint and supports in reducing CO₂ emissions of its logistics operations by innovating and cooperating. It’s about improving instead of compensating.



The basic process of sample consolidation is about ‘slowing down’ all samples those can be slowed down. In this process, every sample is monitored and judged on its time critical aspects. If needed, it will continue with (expensive) courier service, if not, it will move to the (cheaper, weekly) air freight.

Apart from the better CO₂ performance and greater control of the sample process, financial savings have been around 30% in the sample consolidation.

Sample Consolidation

Consol Box

To optimize the flow of goods from Asia and reduce the number of transportation movements, Greenway Logistics combines less than container load (LCL) shipments from industry organisation members into full container loads (FCL). The Consol Box is Greenway Logistics answer to the problem of low load factors (the average load factor from a container is only 60%). Read more:


Consol Box