You can find the answers to frequently asked questions regarding our company and services here.

No we do not have any means of transportation. We partner with carriers to organize collective deals and sustainable transport.

Yes. Greenway Logistics is the one-stop-shop for all general logistics questions. Greenway Logistics has the knowledge and contacts in the logistics world to help customers with their question.

Participation is free of charge. In fact, it saves you money. Of course, you pay rates for your own shipments, costs are entirely dependent on carrier and number and more. Companies switching to one of the transporters from the arrangements will probably get better rates than the current ones.

You can receive first-line logistics advice for free. In a conversation with the Greenway Logistics adviser you can exchange thoughts on all levels about your logistics situation. We can give you custom advice based on market developments, possibilities and experience. For ‘larger’ logistics projects Greenway Logistics has a network of specialists who are available at substantially reduced rates.

For shipment-related questions, please contact the customer service of your contract carrier. Of course we are happy to help you with many other logistics issues.

In transport, sustainability is about: saving kilometres, fuel and reducing emissions of particulate matter, soot and CO₂. All logistics concepts of Greenway Logistics are aimed at reducing the CO₂ footprint of companies, by collaboration and innovation. Read more about our concept CO2 Improve www.co2improve.com

Yes. This is one of our areas of expertise and we have our worldwide network with partners and knowledge. In addition to logistics, we can also help you with other topics. We offer a full service solution with multiple services. We are happy to help you!

We work together with various companies. There are frequent assessment interviews between Greenway Logistics and the transporters. It is also our task to closely monitor the quality of the service provided by the transporters. For that reason, Greenway Logistics makes very high admission requirements for the selection of new transporters.

We have our own freight desk for this. One counter for all your transport questions where ad hoc basic solutions are required at a good market price.

We have our own offices in The Netherlands, Belgium, Denmark, Sweden and China. We are also active in the UK, Australia and Canada. Wherever you are, we can support brands from every country.

Greenway Logistics works closely together with various (logistics) parties in several countries for outsourcing of logistics. We help companies to make a business case to include the right variables and to get a transparent view on logistics outsourcing.

In principle we focus on that sector, that is where our expertise and knowledge lie, but we can always support companies from other sectors as best we can.

Sure! You can easily join our innovative logistics projects in which the service is put to the test. We encourage brands to participate in such innovations so we can build new possibilities with additional power.