Consol Box

Greenway Consol Box


To optimize the flow of goods from Asia and reduce the number of transportation movements, Greenway Logistics combines less than container load (LCL) shipments from industry organisation members into full container loads (FCL). The Consol Box is Greenway Logistics answer to the problem of low load factors (the average load factor from a container is only 60%) and has been successfully organized by Greenway Logistics for years from ports in Bangladesh, China, and India. The Consol Box offers guaranteed weekly departures and stable transit times to Europe. Additionally, costs are transparently presented through the "Port-to-door" tariff.

After arrival in Europe, containers are broken down at our own 3PL location, allowing for various Value-Added Services (VAS). This includes sorting, packaging, labeling, or other special requests. We also have a partner handling customs-related activities in-house, such as clearance and the possibility of VAT deferral. Delivery can be arranged to your, the customer’s or our location by appointment.


  • Guaranteed weekly departure
  • Short lead times
  • Full-service approach
  • Personal attention, great service, proven quality
  • European handler with a proven track record
  • Sustainable

If you would like to learn more about the Greenway Consol Box or request an analysis of your logistics flow, please feel free to contact us.