Logistics in the Fashion and Lifestyle branches has not really developed itself for decades. The basic processes remain the same and many of so called new concepts are in fact just small variations on matters that already exist. In these branches logistics is often not the number 1 priority. Of course it should be taken care of, reliable and cost efficient, but many of the decision makers are mainly concerned with buying and selling, new collections and marketing, production and payments. A request for additional logistic possibilities and services is not often heard.

The logistic companies that are active in these branches can generally be put in two categories. First there are the big international, corporate, system driven, service providers with generic services for all. Second, there are many small logistic companies with simple processes, high service, but unfortunately restricted in their possibilities to develop and invest. This situation leads to the fact that there is neither demand from the branches, nor new propositions from the logistic world.

Greenway Logistics however, has successfully developed and implemented a number of innovations and new concepts that have really become new propositions on the logistic menu. By cooperating with government supported knowledge centers such as DINALOG, intensive testing and developing became possible. The idea is not to produce academic reports or many strategic visions, but rather real services and possibilities for real suppliers. Projects such as ‘Bundling at the Source’ and ‘Delivery Window Harmonization’ are examples of innovations that are now open for suppliers in Fashion and Lifestyle branches. But also concepts like ‘Total Outsource’ and ‘Combined International Transport’ have become reality for many suppliers and retailers. Many of these innovations lead to both cost savings and more sustainable, ‘greener’ logistics; doubling the advantages for participants.