Green Logistics

Sustainability has become a big issue in doing business in our world today. In logistics this often translates to ‘green’ logistics, meaning aiming for savings in millage that is driven, savings in fuel and savings in emissions of CO2, nitrogen, etc.

There are many initiatives in the world to create cleaner trucks and find less polluting alternatives for distribution. The cleanest transport however is the transport that is not taking place at all. In many European countries the average load factor of trucks is only 50%, meaning that half of the pollution is caused by trucks driving air from A to B. Of course, different branches have different load factors, but unfortunately that of the Fashion and Lifestyle branches is much worse than average. This is why the big gain in green logistics is in improving the load factor. By delivering more with the same truck, other trucks do not need to drive at all. The same goes for combining shipments in sea freight and air freight.

So in making logistics greener, much can be achieved by bundling, and bundling can be achieved by cooperation.