Greenway Logistics has an intense relation with a number of partners. Most of these are  associations which have outsourced their logistics exclusively to Greenway Logistics. For these associations, Greenway Logistics provides added value to their own services and organization. Greenway Logistics represents some of these partners to a large extent and uses the business cards of these partners on most occasions.


IAF_LOGO [Omgezet]

International Apparel Federation (IAF)

The International Apparel Association (IAF) is the world’s leading federation for apparel manufacturers, their associations, apparel retailers and the supporting industry. The IAF is involved in many issues, but in 2013 IAF has chosen Greenway Logistics as its exclusive partner for the development of collective logistic solutions for all member associations in over 60 countries. This cooperation has lead to country-specific concepts and  worldwide collective arrangements in the field of logistics and supply chain development. The IAF is based in Zeist in The Netherlands. More information on this cooperation you can read here.




MODINT is the entrepreneurial organization for producers, importers, agents and wholesalers in the fashion, textile, interior and home textiles in The Netherlands. Approximately 600 companies are a member of MODINT. Together they have a turnover of around 9 billion euros in The Netherlands. Greenway Logistics is the exclusive executor of all logistic member advantage arrangements since 2006, and helps MODINT in the  development of other member advantage arrangements in for instance energy, phone, travelling and leasing. Apart from this, Greenway Logistics supports MODINT on all logistic and sustainability issues towards governments, NGO’s and commercial companies. MODINT is based in Zeist in The Netherlands.



The FGHS is the umbrella association for producers, wholesalers, subsidiaries, importers and agents of sports hardware, sports shoes and sports clothing goods in the broadest sense of the word. Since 2013, Greenway Logistics is the partner for the FGHS for all logistic initiatives and collectives. The FGHS is located in Leusden in The Netherlands.



The Centrale Branchevereniging Meubelen (CBM) is the association for the furniture and interior building industry in The Netherlands. In total, CBM represents around 450 member companies. Since 2014, Greenway Logistics has become a partner for CBM in creating  collective logistic solutions for its members. CBM is based in Haarlem in The Netherlands.


INretail is the largest Dutch trade association in Retail Non-Food. INretail lobbies to make business operations easier for its members. The retail professionals support and advise members on collective labour agreements, business operations, legal issues and market developments. INretail also helps to prepare members for the future retail landscape. In January 2019 INretail partnered up with Greenway Logistics for the INretail Logistics concept.



Creamoda is the Belgian association for entrepreneurs in the fashion, confection and textile industry. Creamoda supports its members in all areas of the economic playing field. Furthermore, Creamoda advises, stimulates and helps its members actively in a number of areas. Greenway Logistics has started its partnership with Creamoda in 2014, thus creating a big boost to its Belgian activities. Creamoda is based in Brussels, Belgium.



TEKO is the association for the Swedish fashion and textile industry. In 2013, Greenway Logistics became a partner of TEKO for the organization of logistic member advantage arrangements. For this purpose, Greenway Logistics has established a sister company in Borås with local staff and management. In the setup of the cooperation between Greenway Logistics and TEKO, the IAF was also involved. TEKO is based in Stockholm in Sweden.

DMOGT logo


DMOGT is the association for the Danish fashion and textile industry. In 2015, Greenway Logistics became a partner of DMOGT for the organization of logistic member advantage arrangements.

DMOGT is based in Herning and Copenhagen in Denmark.




Sportsbranchen Denmark has existed for more than 75 years as an association for suppliers, wholesalers, agents and retailers in the Danish Sporting Goods Industry. The association has more than 350 member companies and provides services, membership advantages, trade knowhow and advice for these companies. Through its publications and presence in the Danish market, information is distributed to all interested parties. Sportsbranchen  works together with authorities, other associations and Nordic counterparts for the benefits of the industry in Denmark, and is also a member of FESI (Federation of European Sporting Goods Industry) .

Logo Jewellery of Denmark

Jewellery of Denmark

The Danish Jewellers Association was founded in 1911. Today we are best known as Jewellery of Denmark.
Jewellery of Denmark is the industry organization whose vision is to bring together all actors associated with the jewellery and watchmaking industry in Denmark, in a strong industry organization.
Our goal and mission is to represent, all partners in our industry – large and small – from design to retail, and everything in between. Our ambition is to create increased positive attention and not least growth for our entire industry in close dialogue with all our stakeholders, such as consumers, politicians, opinion leaders and future members and employees.

Federation of Sports and Play Associations (FSPA)

The Federation of Sports and Play Associations (FSPA) is the voice of the UK sports and play industry. As the umbrella trade body representing multiple associations, the FSPA serves the interests of manufacturers, wholesalers and distributors of sports and play equipment, clothing and apparel. With nearly 100 years at the heart of the UK sports and play sector, the FSPA lobbies on the issues affecting their members, collaborates with key partner agencies and government, and promotes the industry. Find out more at


UK Fashion & Textile Association (UKFT)

The UK Fashion & Textile Association (UKFT) is the largest network for fashion and textile companies in the UK. UKFT brings together designers, manufacturers, suppliers, agents and retailers to promote their businesses and our industry, both in the UK and throughout the world. UKFT is in a unique position representing the entire UK fashion and textile supply chain, from spinning, weaving and knitting, right through to the catwalk. Find out more at

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Since a number of years, Greenway Logistics is working together with DINALOG (Dutch Institute for Advanced Logistics), a government financed organization that is involved in innovations, the buildup of knowledge and stimulation and development in the area of logistics and supply chain management.
Logistics is one of the official government named ‘Top Sectors’ and among other things DINALOG has been tasked to build bridges between government policy, education and entrepreneurs, specifically small and medium sized companies. Greenway Logistics and some of the associations it represents have discovered DINALOG to be a splendid partner in supporting innovations and sustainable logistic solutions for the industries.

2014VIM - Logo engels donkerblauw


The outsourcing of logistics is for many companies a hard decision to make, and often a big worry to implement. Greenway Logistics  believes that outsourcing is the best solution for many companies because it results in lower and more flexible costs, better dealing with peaks and turnover developments and the possibilities to improve the quality of the deliveries. Greenway Logistics is working closely together with VIM (, a 3PL and 4PL logistic service provider for retailers and suppliers.
Whereas Greenway Logistics has more of a mediation role and works on the bundling of logistics with a number of transport firms, VIM is the ‘one-stop-shop’ partner for any company that is considering to outsource its logistics. Not only will VIM organize all logistic activities centrally, it can also help with the integration of IT systems and human resources. Of course VIM makes use of the collective agreements of Greenway Logistics. An often complex and costly business as outsourcing logistics suddenly becomes a simple and cheap solution for companies that want to focus on their core business.

Gateway O

Gateway O is the first full-service social commerce solution available to fashion and design companies who want to promote their brand and sell their products in China. This full-service solution can be used in any sector, but the European fashion and design industry, in particular, has a competitive advantage when it comes to the Chinese market. Greenway Logistics works with Gateway O to offer large companies and SMEs a gateway to China.

Logo FashionNet Anton Dell

FashionNet Anton Dell

FashionNet Anton Dell is the largest brand to agent matching consultancy worldwide. With over 28 years of experience, FNAD prepares fashion brands to enter global markets by curating a partnership suitable to their business. The partnership with Greenway Logistics allows our clients to access first class logistics expertise and strategize the most efficient means of getting fashion to market and avoid international barriers and hurdles to expansion.


Logistic partners

Greenway Logistics has an intense working relation with a number of logistic service providers. These co-operations are in fact the core of collective logistics. Greenway Logistics is always selecting companies that do not only deliver the operational quality and services, but also understand and embrace the concept of cooperation. Greenway Logistics can provide partners for all occurring needs in transport and warehousing. With these partners, Greenway Logistics also develops and tests new concepts in order to create l new propositions for the members of associations. Next to that, our selection criteria relies heavily on the sustainability goals of our partners.