INretail new partner in The Netherlands for Greenway Logistics

INretail will engage a cooperation with logistic development organisation Greenway Logistics for the concept ‘INretail Logistiek’. INretail is the largest branch organisation for retail non-food in The Netherlands.

The concept of Greenway Logistics is that it organises the logistic benefits, bundling and innovations for groups and individual companies in the Fashion, Sport and Lifestyle branches.

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Modint and Greenway Logistics sign contract extension

Greenway Logistics has extended its contract last month with Modint, the Dutch industry organisation for fashion, interior design and textiles.

Since 2010 Greenway Logistics is the official and exclusive partner for Modint as part of their concept Modint Logistics. They have joined forces to create an ambitious and innovative programme for its members. After years of constructive collaboration there are over 300 Modint members who make use of the collective agreements and services of Modint Logistics.

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Cooperation DM&T and Greenway Logistics

Dansk Mode & Textil has signed an agreement with logistic development organization Greenway Logistics.

After a period of testing and careful preparation, DM&T is convinced that Greenway Logistics can be of great benefit for its members. The concept of the company is that it organizes the logistic benefits, bundling and innovations for groups and individual companies in the Fashion, Sport and Lifestyle branches.

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CBM Logistics project ‘on track’

Recently, Greenway Logistics BV has launched a logistics project in collaboration with the suppliers section of CBM, Association for the Dutch Interior Design and Furniture Industry. About twenty CBM members have been interviewed and it is already clear that there is a lot of transportation of ‘air’ in this industry and that there is a lot of overlap in routes and destinations.

The idea behind the project is that there are many synergies to be achieved with transport cooperation.

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Greenway Logistics continues its contract with DHL Parcel

Last week Greenway Logistics has extended its contractual commitment with DHL Parcel for The Netherlands. DHL Parcel is prefered supplier for parcel distribution.

Greenway Logistics stands for cost-saving operations, sustainability and innovations. Logistics partners are selected on their commitment towards these goals. DHL Parcel is a partner that has continued its support towards these goals. The DHL strategy is to operate in a sustainable and environmentally responsible way.

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Greenway Logistics has expanded its services with innovative IT solutions

Back in 2016, Greenway Logistics started a collaboration with Tailorfit for all fashion and IT solutions. TailorFIT is a professional company with more than 30 years of IT experience in the fashion industry. The company offers a Collection-to-Consumer (C-to-C) application which covers the entire Fashion Process and creates a 100{70153149352492a31f25669d5cc0136df2e1a7e54cd1245203641d38096cf68b} Omnichannel solution with the consumer in the center.

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New partner in Denmark for Greenway Logistics

After Greenway Logistics has started in 2015 with the organization of collective logistics for the Danish branch organization for fashion and textiles (DMOGT), Greenway Logistics has also joined in December 2016, for the same reason a partnership with Sportbranchen Denmark, the Danish branch organization, for sports suppliers.

Sportsbranchen Denmark has existed for more than 75 years as an association for suppliers, wholesalers, agents and retailers in the Danish Sporting Goods Industry.

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Greenway Logistics opens office in Denmark

To give substance to the international ambition Greenway Logistics has opened an office in Herning (Central Jutland) in Denmark. Its position is thereby strengthened in Scandinavia. With offices in The Netherlands, Sweden and Belgium, Denmark will be the fourth country for this international logistics company to be based.

Back in 2015, Greenway Logistics started collaborating with Dansk Mode & Textil (DMOGT) in Denmark.

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Greenway Logistics opens in Belgium

Due to an increase in business and operations in Belgium, Greenway Logistics has decided to open an office in Belgium. With offices in The Netherlands and Sweden, Belgium will be the third country for this international logistics company to be based.

By combining shipments, Greenway Logistics can offer its members logistical benefits, as it continues to collaborate with branch organisations. Back in 2015, Belgian operations started collaborating with Creamoda.

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Greenway Logistics introduces LED Products

Having your own office and/or warehouse produces huge energy bills. To lower the costs you can look for means to save energy, for example on lighting. We are very pleased to announce that Greenway Logistics is collaborating with Led Partners BV.

Led Partners can offer you a quick and easy insight in the possibilities for permanently lowering your energy costs. They offer a wide assortment of high quality LED products.

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Launch new website Greenway Logistics

The Greenway Logistics website has been updated and professionalized. The new website is responsive to all devices (laptop, tablet , smartphone). The new website is built by Pebbler.

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