From raw material to consumer

Greenway Logistics has an integrated approach towards the supply chain. By taking a logical overview over all independent pieces of the supply chain the ‘shortest’ route for any product from its origin to its end user, often the consumer, can be found. The logistic chain in the fashion and lifestyle branches is typically known for its many suboptimal solutions in the individual companies, specifically due to the scattered nature of the branches, with so many suppliers and retailers not able to look further than their company boundaries. As a consequence, a solution that saves a little at company A, may create a far bigger cost explosion at company B. Furthermore, in many companies logistics is not centrally coordinated. Responsibilities for production logistics, warehousing and distribution may lay at different departments with sometimes different interests. In the end all this inevitably leads to higher costs for any article at the end of the supply chain

The best logistic way comes into sight when you can have the overview over all these suboptimal ‘solutions’, both within individual companies as well as through the different chains in the supply chain. Greenway Logistics helps suppliers and retailers to find the real solutions that there are in reach for them. Apart from that Greenway Logistics works with a selected number of logistic companies which together can service the entire supply chain, thus organizing the best ‘flow’ in the supply chain. Finally, Greenway Logistics has developed the concept of ‘Total Outsource’, in which our partner company ‘VIM director of supply chains’ can take over all logistics for both suppliers and retailers, including back office activities, and of course with an integrated approach.
Experience learns that such an approach not only leads to the lowest costs possible, but also to improved quality of deliveries, with all its advantages in order, results and focus at suppliers and retailers.