NorBot and Greenway Logistics enter into a cooperation

The Nordic/European translation company NorBot is partnering with logistics development company Greenway Logistics.

The purpose of the collaboration is to gather knowledge about logistics, communication and establishment in Norway and thus give Danish companies insight and concrete tools to enter the Norwegian market.

NorBot has made the e-book « NorBot’s guide to establishing a Norwegian webshop – 12 steps to a successful start on the Norwegian market », which includes: contains a detailed checklist for establishment in Norway. NorBot also helps with language challenges and conducts workshops in practical customer service-Norwegian.

Greenway Logistics helps with logistics, which can be a big challenge for companies that want to establish themselves in a new market. Greenway Logistics specializes in collective logistics systems that reduce costs and protect the environment. In addition, Greenway Logistics can help with registration of a company in Norway.

We have learned that many Danish companies experience Norway’s status as a non-EU country as a major barrier that blocks the prospect of the many advantages the Norwegian market offers. We want to break down this barrier and help companies get a realistic picture of what is required to establish themselves in the Norwegian market.

Both Greenway Logistics and NorBot look forward to this cooperation.

More information:
Greenway Logistics ApS, Birk Centerpark 38, 7400 Herning Denmark
E. – T. +45 60 40 00 00

Publié le: 02.01.2019