Cost reduction in the Supply Chain

All initiatives of Greenway Logistics are aiming for lower costs in the supply chain. The bundling, the cooperation, the integrated approach, the innovations: without savings for suppliers and retailers they would not succeed. Greenway Logistics has chosen to approach branch cooperation in a commercial way. Suppliers and retailers are all entrepreneurs, full of good will and involved in many things, but also driven by results. Greenway Logistics understands this and translates its logistic initiatives to real concepts, real propositions with real cost savings. Greenway Logistics has attached its own existence to the succeeding of this approach by not charging costs to suppliers and retailers, but living from cost savings from bundling and new concepts.

Without savings for suppliers and retailers there will be no participants, and without participants no existence for Greenway Logistics. Thus, Greenway Logistics exists only by the grace of succeeding in realizing cost reduction. And Greenway Logistics has done this successfully for many years already, because the potential cost saving in the scattered logistic world in the Fashion and Lifestyle branches remains huge.