CBM Logistics project ‘on track’

Recently, Greenway Logistics BV has launched a logistics project in collaboration with the suppliers section of CBM, Association for the Dutch Interior Design and Furniture Industry. About twenty CBM members have been interviewed and it is already clear that there is a lot of transportation of ‘air’ in this industry and that there is a lot of overlap in routes and destinations.

The idea behind the project is that there are many synergies to be achieved with transport cooperation. First of all, this project aims at gathering as much insight as possible in current transport flows and all the requirements and wishes of the suppliers. In a second stage, tests will be done with logistic service providers.
The ultimate goal is to establish a national logistics network guaranteeing the quality of transport where CBM members can benefit optimally from the group’s volume. To this end, Greenway Logistics and CBM will enter into agreements with logistic parties that can shape this new world.

Published on: 03.07.2017