The bundling of transport is the core activity of Greenway Logistics.
In the fashion and lifestyle branches individual suppliers each are responsible for their own logistics. Everybody has their own transport contracts, often with multiple logistic companies for the different streams such as parcels, sea freight, express, export, etc. Of course there is a limit to the number of logistic companies, so some suppliers may by coincidence work together with the same logistic company, without knowing this. Research shows that on average any 100 suppliers will work with approximately 200 different logistic companies. Of course, much of the flow of goods of these suppliers is very similar in the sense that they are often produced in the same production countries, delivered to the same shops and shopping streets, in the same delivery windows, etc. This is the reason that there is so much to bundle. And through bundling transport will get cheaper and more sustainable, greener. In a number of recent projects and researches it was proven that the bundling could easily lead to around 30 to 40% savings.

Greenway Logistics has succeeded in starting this bundling. By working as a branch with a limited number of logistic companies, bundling is created ‘automatically’. The selected logistic partners are investing in the savings potential by giving lower rates to suppliers, and thus taking an advance on the ’to be’ situation in which more bundling volume will lead to lower costs. For participating suppliers there are no investments or other barriers. This mechanism is the engine for the buildup of the bundling and creates a stimulus for an ever growing volume with lower costs and greener transport.