Branch collaboration in logistics

Greenway Logistics believes that collaboration is key to lower costs in the supply chain. Both in horizontal cooperation between similar companies such as suppliers, as well as in vertical cooperation between different parts of the chain, a huge potential can be seen in cost savings, quality and sustainability. Industry associations in general have a unique position to oversee the entire playing field of the supply chain and are capable of getting parties together to start any cooperation.

Logistics is an important supporting process for most companies in the fashion and lifestyle branches. The logistics in these branches is also very scattered. Individual companies all organize their own part in the flow of the goods; all with good intent and focus, but nevertheless on a limited scale. Hundreds of logistic companies are servicing the branches in any country, all riding, sailing and flying their small portions around the world. The overlap in destinations and warehouses between suppliers in these branches is potentially very big, but a central coordination has been lacking. Greenway Logistics however has developed a successful approach to organize the bundling of these supply chains. By making use of the unique position of the branch associations the central coordination is being built up; without disturbing any commercial processes, without investments and without any hassle for suppliers the profits of cooperation are being materialized.